Public Art

A thriving public art scene driven by community partnerships, organizations, and world-class artists, a walk through Annapolis is a visit to a breathtaking open-air art gallery. 

The Annapolis Art in Public Places Commission produced a hardcopy catalogue to public art sites throughout Annapolis. Preview the catalogue here to scope out your own foot-tour of the city's vast public art collection.

The world is but a canvas to our imagination.
— Henry David Thoreau

Light House Bistro Mural illustrated by Sally Wern Comport, Produced by ArtWalk

Presidents Hill Community Mural by Future History Now & Jovenes Artistas

Westgate Circle
Art in Public Places Commission (AIPPC)

Severn Bank Building, "Anne Catherine Greene" by Sally Wern Comport
ARTWALK with AIPPC, Charter 300

Stage One Park Place Courtyard, Urban Walls Brazil

Bates Art Magnet Middle School, "Students Taking Flight"
ARTWALK with Bates Art Students

Agony and Ecstasy Live Together in Perfect Harmony, 2015 (Tsunami) photo: Power Play Creations

Stan & Joe's Lot, Marion Warren Photographs
ARTWALK with AIPPC, Charter 300

"Community Rising" with Stanton Community Center, ARTWALK with AIPPC, Charter 300

Join or Die, 2016 by JAHRU, 1747 Pub. photo ©Julia Gibb

City Dock Harbor Master Station, "Annapolis" by Sy Mohr
ARTWALK with AIPPC, Charter 300

City Dock, "Flowers in the Market House"
ARTWALK with Annapolis Senior Activity Center at Wiley H. Bates Heritage Park

SUGARUSH by JAH-Haha Collaborative, Metropolitan Kitchen & Lounge

Roberta Flack, 2016 (Metropolitan Kitchen & Lounge Rooftop) photo: Jahru

Marion Warren Flower Portrait, Produced by the Eastport Gallery & Art at Large, Inc.

Ruby-throated Hummingbird, 2016 (Ruby Salon) photo: Jahru

Keep an eye out for the West Street Chicks! Some new, some have flown the coop, but this will help you figure out the pecking order.

Why Chickens?

In 2012, chickens were ruffling feathers around Annapolis. As the Fresh Food Movement gained ground, legislation was passed allowing Annapolis residents to have up to six chickens in their backyard for fresh eggs. A&E Patron, Gavin Buckley and Jody Danek—owners of the outstanding local farm-to-table restaurant/bar/art & music venue, Metropolitan Kitchen & Lounge, Tsunmai, and Lemongrass—hatched the idea for the public art campaign. They have worked closely with the Arts Council of Anne Arundel County to secure participating artists and sponsors and see the project come to fruition as the chickens hatch.

While the chickens are certainly fun to cluck about, they also represent the start of a greater West Street Renaissance. Be a part of harvesting up-and-coming talent, promoting collaboration between artists of all crafts and skill-sets, and showing Annapolis residents and visitors the vast possibilities of the Arts & Entertainment District.