Professional Development Workshop Series for Creatives @ ArtFarm

Doughnuts & Dough

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Four casual conversations about the business side of art over coffee and donuts at ArtFarm.

A series of four 'business of art' workshops with Scott Burkholder (SBG Agency).  Each workshop will consist of a half hour of socializing with donuts and coffee, meeting new artists and making connections, followed by a two hour workshop on the topic of branding and time for questions after.

Each workshop will be $75 and you sign up for each one indiviually. A $40 discount will be given on the final signup if you join us for all four throughout the year. 

First workshop, Saturday March 3rd, 9am-Noon:

Brand: YOU are a valuable part of your art.

The valuable aspect of any work of art is not just the material or even the labor to make it, it is the subject of the work. It is the feeling and the concepts of your creations that speaks to audiences in powerful ways. Your ideas and sentiment might be so powerful that it may even cause them to give you something from their wallet. This session will focus on how you explore and develop your brand, the subjective nature of your work, and share it with your audience to inspire transaction.

Workshop #2 (Spring)

Business Model Canvas: Defining your work as a business

Business is a process for building relationships. It can be cold and transactional or it can be warm and desirable. It is up to the creator of the business which way it goes. This session will show you that you are likely already in business with your art, ie building relationships, it is just a matter of organizing your process so that you and others can repeat it. We will work on a tool to help you capture your business on a single page so you can devote more time to the work you love.

Workshop #3 (Summer)

Personal Finance: What do you want?

An important initial step to sustaining yourself is to know what you need financially. Numbers are intimidating and predicting the future is not possible. However, taking the time to understand what you need and just as important what you want financially is an early step to sustaining yourself doing what you love. Spreadsheets and accountants don’t have to be scary words, particularly if you know how to make them work for you, so you can work in the studio.

Workshop #4 (Fall)

Business Finance: Keeping score can be meaningful

Stopping to take measurements is a good idea for producing just about anything, the same is true in building a business. One of the most important, and thankfully easiest, aspects to know in business are your finances. An accounting of your past will help you plan for your future, and planning for your future will enable you to plan to do what you love.

Other Add-Ins

Time Management:
There are many cliches about time, and many are true. We will take a few moments in each session to consider what we are doing with our time and how we might use it to accomplish more of what you love.

Professional Relationships: Accountant, Lawyer and Insurance Agent
Great art is often the result of collaboration. The same is true of great business. During our sessions we will consider some of the professional relationships that might help you grow your practice.



About the Instructor: 

Scott is the principal and founding agent of Burkholder Agency. He is analytically minded and trained, with awe for the power of human creativity. He produced the Baltimore Love Project

, the largest self initiated public art project in the city of Baltimore with 20 murals, $250K budget and tens of thousands of fans. He has coached over 50 artists into launching sustaining careers and he manages a small community of artists to live thriving creative practices. He is presently producing two books with intent on feature length film production. He lives in the Douglass District of Baltimore Maryland and spends lots of time reading, biking, WODing, and loving his wife Jenn.